16 Foods and Drinks from Gozo and Malta

You cannot visit our island without tasting a few of the below and maybe take back a few souvenirs back home.


Heaven in a bag. The perfect cheesy snack. We know for a fact that many a tourists’ bags a filled with these so they can share the joy back home.


Visit self-respecting tea shop (hanut tat-te) will have these famous pies. They can be filled with cheese (rikotta) or peas.


Whether in a stew or fried in wine the white meat is heavenly, and healthy.
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Available from mid-August onwards, lampuki or mahi mahi is our most popular fish and synonymous with summer. Delicious!

Ross il-Forn

Baked rice. One of my favourites. Can be vegetarian, with ham or be as creative as you want.


Our very own Maltese sausage. Eaten raw or thrown on a grill to bring out all mouthwatering salty taste.


Bitter and sweet.
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Made from sheep cheese. Put these in a platter, with some gallett, tomatoes and olives and you will  have the real taste of Gozo. For me, the older and more mature the gbejniet are, the better.


Fish soup. Can be done in a variety of ways and most fish, especially the bottom-dwelling ones, are suitable. I tend to finish off my with some king prawns. Great in the cold damp months of winter.

Laham fuq il-fwar (Steamed beef)

The meat ends up being so tender, you barely need a knife. Usually accompanied with potatoes. I still remember my grandfather’s steamed beef, salty to the max, but who cares.

Maltese Hobz (Bread)

Visit your local baker early in the morning. The smell of that freshly baked bread will momentarily make all your troubles go away. You must have this with some olive oil and kunserva (tomato paste).


Is Malta’s famous and award-winning lager. I can imagine myself, on one of those stifling hot summer days, a slightly cool sea breeze, cold glass in hand, looking out to Xlendi Bay.

Lord Chambray

If you are into beer, then definitely pay a visit to this local Gozo brewery. With a grand choice of craft beer, there is definitely something for you.

Qaghaq tal-Ghasel (Honey Rings)

Mostly available around Christmas time and perfect with a cup of coffee.

Figolli (Almond cakes)

One Easter tradition many Maltese families try to take up, is the baking of Figolli. These almond filled cakes are usually cut into many shapes and decorated with icing sugar. Again, have a piece with your morning coffee for a great start to your day.
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This cake surfaces every year prior to the carnival festivities which precede Lent.