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Feasts and Culture

There is much more to Gozo than sun and sea. Throughout the year you can immerse yourself in various cultural activities including operas, carnival, village feasts and more.

Village Feasts

Your stay in Gozo will not be complete without a visit to one of the various festas around the island. Held between May and September, every weekend will see one of the villages celebrate its patron saint. Festivities include religious processions, band marches, horse racing and plenty of amazing fireworks.

The Opera

There are two opera theatres in Gozo, both located in Victoria, a few meters away from each other. The rivalry is great and the productions, held every year in October, are spectacular.


This winter event brings visitors to the island like no other. The spontaneous Nadur carnival is unique while parades take place around the island.

Christmas in Gozo

In recent times, Betlehem in Ghajnsielem has increased in popularity. This purpose-built nativity village is a must-visit. A lot of time and effort goes into this endeavour.