Which on-land activities are you interested in?

Gozo’s outdoors are unspoiled and diverse. Rural valleys and pristine beaches are waiting to be discovered. The soft limestone rock battling with the weather and the sea creates unique landscapes and geographical formations, for example the ‘moonscape’ like north coast, the Wied Il-Mielah Window and many other secrets hidden all over the island. 

Gozo is a paradise for those who love nature and outdoor-activities all year around, not only during summer. In the winter, with even fewer tourists around, we and our visitors enjoy to having dive sites, rock climbing walls and other attractions often all to ourselves. The weather in the winter months is perfect for activities on land, when the sun is gentle and the air is refreshing, yet not cold. 

The island has a lot of activities waiting for you, if you are looking for an adventure or just some time to connect with nature and yourself. 


Best time: October to May 

Gozo is a paradise for Yogis and those who want to become one. The island’s laid-back atmosphere, its tranquility, ruralty and soul-feeding views make Gozo a truly special place – away from the hustle and bustle of life. Just the perfect hideaway you need to restore energy and find your inner peace. 

Salute the sun on top of the Sanap Cliffs while listening to the sounds of the waves pounding on the rock. Channel the spiritual vibes of the 500 year old Ggantija temples and let them energize you during your sessions. Have you ever done Yoga in a cave? Practice your Pranayama while soaking up the spectacular sunset-view of Tal-Mixta Cave. 

Hidden all over Gozo, you will find many serene outdoor yoga spots. Some with breathtaking views, others with great spiritual power and definitely all of them peaceful and one of a kind. 

Best Yoga Sites in Gozo:

There are multiple experienced Yoga instructors in Gozo, offering group lessons, private lessons, as well as outdoor-yoga-safaris. 

Are you looking for a chance to unwind your mind in privacy and peace? Some of our farmhouses and pool villas in Gozo are the perfect hideaway. Spacious insides and spacious gardens with gazebos or olive trees offering shade, will make your Yoga holiday in Gozo tailor-made towards your needs and unforgettable. 

Are you a yoga instructor looking for a location to hold your own yoga retreat in Gozo? Contact us for more information. We strongly believe that our accommodations, knowledge of Gozo and years of experience in the tourism industry will be of great value for you and your business. 
Xwejni Salt Pans - Photo Credits: Antje Lewerenz
Tal-Mixta Cave


Best time: October to May

“Gozo – the undiscovered climbing paradise”

Photo Credits:

Even though still quite unknown, Gozo is a fantastic rock climbing destination. Our ‘little rock’ is mainly made up of limestone washed out by millions of years of rainfalls and pounding of the sea. This created plenty of unique geological formations and plenty of spectacular climbing walls waiting for you to be discovered. Inland cliffs, as well as dramatic sea cliffs reward climbers with breathtaking views. Some of them hidden on unique landmarks, like the Wied Il-Mielah Window (photo left). Imagine the feeling you get, while climbing up the walls of this natural wonder. 

More than 300 rock climbing routes suitable for different levels, make Gozo the perfect climbing destination for beginners and even the most  experienced rock climbers. 

Because of the island’s small size, climbing spots in Gozo are never far away, even though they are located all around the island. 

Best rock climbing walls:

An additinal highligh for the climbing world of Gozo is the possibility of deep water soloing in the south of the island. Also abseiling is an option for those just starting out their climbing career. 

Are you a climbing club looking for accommodation for larger groups? Have a look at our farmhouses and villas in Gozo. Some of them sleep groups of more than 20 persons and with their BBQ facilities and outdoor pools they could complete your ideal climbing holiday in Gozo. 


Best time: October to May

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and can coast down them… Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motorcar only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of a country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” 

Ernest Hemmingway 

Despite Gozo’s highest ‘mountain’ being only 190 m above sea level, there are surprisingly many cycling routes for different levels and difficulty around the island. Circular routes are rarely more than 25 km, but usually lead through a diverse scenery – fishing villages, secluded beaches, sleepy country roads and hidden valleys, offering stunning views and tranquility. Or how about feeling your heart stop while riding along Gozo’s steep cliff edges? 

If you underestimated the summer heat, take a break and enjoy a cold drink in one of the traditional bars and restaurants in one of the charming villages on the way. There are shortcuts all along the biking routes, allowing you to shorten your trails in case you did not plan enough time for all the stops you will make along the way to really take in the picturesque nature and many attractions. 

Gozo Cycling Trails:

  • Dwejra Mountain Biking Route
  • Mgarr Mountain Biking Route
  • Zebbug Mountain Biking Route

INSIDER TIP: Even if it is possible to rent a street-bicycle, we would recommend renting a mountain bike in Gozo. That way you can also discover Gozo’s off the beaten paths and follow even the narrowest gravel roads. 

For those who are looking for more comfort, also hiring e-bikes in Gozo is possible. Besides hiring a bike independently, also guided cycling tours are available. 


Best time: October to May

Despite having only 67 sqkm (13,34 km long & 7,15 km wide), there are numerous hiking and walking trails in Gozo. During your hikes and walks, the island will present its true beauty. Just you and the nature. A tranquility only interrupted by the sounds of the waves and birds chirping in the background. The island is dotted with breathtaking view points and unique landmarks. And don’t forget to keep your eyes open for the occasional sighting of a chameleon. 

Especially in the winter and spring time the island turns green and full of flowers. If you have only visited Gozo so far in the summertime, you might actually not recognize it.  

Gozo is a great hiking-destination for explorers of all levels. The island’s highest point Ta’ Dbiegi is only 190 m, so you can probably imagine that hiking in Gozo is not too difficult. However, keep in mind that the summer heat can make any activity quite exhausting.   

One of the best hiking trail in Gozo is the  ~ 50 km coastal trail that leads hikers in about 3 days along the entire coastline of Gozo. This extensive route allows you to plan you hike according to your schedule, interest and preferred distance.

Best walking and hiking trails in Gozo: 

  • Gozo Coastal Hike
  • Salt Pans Hike
  • Ramla Walk (on of the easiest)

The Gozo Trail Run, an event that is held on our little island once a year, leading participants along this coastal hike, is said to be one of the most beautiful and scenic trail races on the international calendar.

INSIDER TIP: Be careful which hiking trails to pick after the rain. Some of them get really muddy making them more difficult. 

Photo Credits: Luciano Sabbatini
Photo Credits: Nate Nethercot


Exploring the islands rural and untouched countryside by scooter or quad can be just the exhilarating experience you need for your adventure holiday in Gozo. A scooter gives you the freedom to move around quickly and conveniently through Gozo’s narrow streets (and there are many of them – believe us) without needing to worry about parking spots . 

The streets in Gozo are not always in the best conditions. Gravel roads and steep hills can make it difficult to explore the more hidden beaches and bays in Gozo by scooter. A quad bike is fun and also gives you more opportunities to conveniently reach more remote places. If you don’t want to rent a quad bike in Gozo by yourself, also guided tours for quad bikes (and segway-tours) are available around the island. 

INSIDER TIP: Don’t forget, we are driving on the left side of the road!


Gozo has a long history of horse racing and also its own racetrack (Xewkija). Races are organised regularly by the Gozo Horse Association and are open to local and foreign participants and visitors. 

There are also stables in Gozo offering horse riding holidays for all levels of experience. Different options for guided horse riding tours, as well as the possibility to take horse riding lessons are available. 

Or how about a horse carriage tour trough Gozo’s countryside? This could be a perfect start to a romantic honeymoon or a great addition to your family riding holiday, especially if you have non-riding family members. 

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