All our overseas travellers will receive a welcome pack of local snacks to get your holiday off to a great start.

Local Snacks – FREE*
Gallett Ta’ Saminu (local crackers)
Twistees bags
Natural mineral water 2ltr
Cisk Lager 250ml bottles
Kinnie 250ml bottles
110 gr spread (Olive, mushroom, capers or sun-dried tomatoes)
Bottle of local red wine 750ml
A selection of fresh fruit
Tea, coffee & sugar

Standard Welcome Pack – €38.00
Natural mineral water
Sliced bread
Sliced cheese
Sliced bacon
Orange juice (1ltr)
Fresh milk (1ltr carton)
Cereal (Kellog’s Corn Flakes) 450gr
A selection of fresh fruit
Potato Crisps 100gr
Local White wine 750ml
Tea, Coffee & Sugar

Luxury Welcome Pack- €70.00
Six-pack Natural mineral water
Sparkling mineral water
Orange juice
Fresh milk
Local bread
Parmesan cheese 200gr
Local peppered cheeselets
Local white wine
Local red wine
Selection of deli meats
Six-pack Lord Chambray local beer
Romeo Prosecco 750ml
Salted Potato Crisps 100gr
A selection of fresh fruit

Gourmet Welcome Pack – €70.00
Small local honey jars
Selection of deli meats
200 gr local pecorino (choice of mint, peppered, fennel, lemon, sultanas, garlic, chili)
Local Marmalade (choice of lemon, strawberry, orange, tangerine, melon, plum & apple)
Extra virgin olive oil
Honey Rings 100 ml
Limoncello liqueur
Pate (choice olive or mushroom, caper or sun-dried tomato)
Gallett Ta’ Saminu (local crackers)
Village biscuits (sweet)
Flavoured olives in packs
Gobino Chocolate selection

A Bottle of Prosecco – €8.00

Start your holiday with a bottle of fine prosecco, in beautiful surroundings.

Items may vary slightly from products shown, depending on availability.
*Basic food pack is free for overseas travellers only.