Which in-water activity would you be interested in?

Gozo, the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, is famous for its deep blue and crystal clear waters. With a visibility of usually around 30 – 40 m, our little island is a dream for everybody who wants to explore the secrets hidden below and above the surface.

Water temperatures are reaching up to 27 degrees in the summer, making the sea incredibly inviting. Due to only very mild currents and tides, Gozo’s waters are a reasonable safe place. People of all age and ability will be able to enjoy Gozo’s stunning underwater world. 


Malta is already a well-known European scuba diving destination. However, only little is known about its rural sister island Gozo – and that is part of the charm; fewer crowds, peaceful & serene nature and a fantastic underwater world. Some of the dive sites Malta is famous for are actually located in Gozo; for example the Blue Hole or the MV Karwela and its famous staircase. 

Gozo’s diverse dive sites are suitable for divers of every level; beginner divers, advanced divers and cavern divers. The more than 50 dive sites including shore & boat diving, reef diving, wreck diving, as well as unique geographical formations, submerged caverns & caves, light-filled tunnels and arches, will satisfy nearly every divers heart. There is also lots of marine life to explore; barracudas, groupers, dentax, jacks, octopus and much more. 

There are multiple diving centres located on out little island, offering different languages and diving organisations (PADI, CMAS/IAC/BSAC, SSI, FSSME). You will definitely find something suitable for your preferences. Many of Gozo’s drop-offs are deeper than 100 m and with a choice of technical diving centres, also technical diving is popular in Gozo. 

The year round stunning visbility and warnth of the sea, make Gozo a great choice for diving in the summer as well as the winter months. Water temperatures are usually around 20 degrees till mid December and rarely drop below 15 degrees even in the coldest month. 

Gozo, being the tiny rock it is, gives divers the advantage that sites are never more than 20 mins away, most of the time even less. They are located along the entire coastline. Diving in Gozo means that you will have an island tour, discovering some of the island’s famous places and hidden spots while driving to the different dive sites.

To complete your perfect Gozo diving holiday, why not combine your diving experience with a stay in one of our deReday Holiday Homes in Gozo? After an exciting day underwater, you will be able to relax at the pool with your buddies or family in your private farmhouse. We have properties all around the island accommodating smaller and larger groups. 

Photo credit: Arno Scolan - Blue Hole
yellow seahorse at Xatt L-Ahmar, Gozo
Phot credit: Mick Sutcliffe
famous MV Karwela Staircase
Photo credit: Mick Sutcliffe


The many bays and beaches on Gozo are the perfect setting to enjoy a day at the beach, swim and snorkel. Most bays have swimming lines, especially during the summertime. These make it possible to safely enjoy your time in the sea.

There are various snorkeling spots in Gozo – you won’t get bored that’s for sure. 

Best snorkeling sites in Gozo:

  • Wied Il-Ghasri
  • Mgarr Ix-Xini
  • Blue Hole & Coral Garden

Have you ever thought about taking your snorkel experience a step further and try free diving? 

Freediver in Gozo, Blue Hole
Photo credit: Antje Lewerenz


Despite its reputation as an extreme sport, free diving is for everybody with general fitness. Everybody who has ever held their breath in- or underwater already tried free diving. Sounds quite simple, right? It doesn’t matter how long you can hold your breath or how deep you can dive, free diving is a rewarding experience either way. 

This form of diving is the purest and most natural way to discover the secrets hidden below the surface. Feel the silence and freedom of the water while gliding through the water – without heavy scuba gear, without depending on technical support and the bubbles that make you an intruder to the aquatic world. Free diving mainly relies on the free divers’ ability to relax and control their mind. Being relaxed and calm is the base for improving your free diving skills. Something you will learn and practice during your training. And who knows, maybe you can take something with you for your every day life!

Gozo’s exceptionally clear and intensely blue waters, the warmth and little currents are a perfect place to start your free diving journey. The island has many experienced free diving instructors offering courses and session in different languages and for different levels. For instance, beginner free diving courses are starting from 3 days and try dives only take half a day, without further commitment. 

Are you already an experienced free diver? Then you will appreciate Gozo’s free diving sites even more. With depths up to over a hundred meters, wrecks, caverns with air-spaces enabling divers to ascend inside the cave, arches and tunnels to play around, Gozo offers unique experiences even for the most advanced free divers. 

Best free diving sites on Gozo:

  • Blue Hole
  • Cathedral Cave
  • MV Karwela
Our farmhouses and pool villas in Gozo offer the perfect setting for your free diving courses and training. The private pools can be used for the pool session during your courses, as well as your private training and practice. 

Are you a free diving instructor looking to host a free diving event or retreat? Some of our farmhouses and villas accommodate groups of more than 20 people. Located in the countryside, surrounded by Gozo’s peaceful nature, these holiday homes are the perfect setting for your event. 


Do you love the height of the mountains and the depth of the sea? Are you seeking the adrenaline rush of free falling? Then this is definitely an activity you should have on your bucket list. 

Imagine how you are climbing up a limestone cliff, free from the rope and the harness, just you and the rock. Once you reach the top (or not), just let go and free-fall right into Gozo’s refreshing stunning clear blue waters. 

That’s exactly what deep water soloing (DWS) also known as Psicobloc (translates to Psycho Bouldering) is about. Unlike free soloing, deep water soloing relies on a body of water to protect the falling climber. It is an activity that perfectly adapts to the rural and natural surroundings of the Maltese Islands. The sheer cliffs of Gozo combined with the mild climate, warm seas and lack of tides and currents, turn the island into one of the best locations for deep water soloing in Europe.